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What is Cannabis?

Once a misunderstood drug to a widely accepted form of recreation and symptomatic relief from medical conditions, cannabis has taken on many shapes and states worldwide. Why is that? And what can be said about this mysterious substance that has only grown with increasing acceptance?

To begin the journey of truly understanding this alluring substance, we must first answer - What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a complex and multifaceted plant with an evolving reputation as we uncover more research and information about it. Whether you're entirely new to all things cannabis or a seasoned user, the terms THC and CBD usually are the first to come to mind when discussing cannabis. And while those are not the only components that make up this versatile plant, we will dive into these two first.


What comes to your mind when you think THC? Maybe it's getting high, or what is found in marijuana? THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is a chemical compound in cannabis and just so happens to be the psychoactive ingredient. Being "high" affects the human body from thinking and physical movement to time perception and pleasure. This is where the high feeling comes from when analyzing cannabis.

CBD (cannabidiol) is very much the opposite of THC because it is not a psychoactive ingredient of cannabis. While additional studies and research need further evidence to prove this, CBD is most commonly affiliated with cannabis's potential health benefits. People who use CBD are often looking for relief from pain, inflammation, and more. Because of its nonpsychoactive nature and potential for pain relief and other health benefits, CBD products have been more acceptable and are available in the U.S.

Now that you know just a bit-sized morsel of THC and CBD in cannabis let's dive deeper into cannabis consumption.


If two people consumed the same cannabis product simultaneously, there could be strikingly different experiences. But why is that? There are numerous reasons why this could occur, ranging from age, emotional state, frequency of consumption, and much more. These factors can certainly have an impact on the kind of individual experience one gains. But this alone should not deter you from having a cannabis experience of your own. Whatever preconceived ideas you had about cannabis, don't be surprised if they go right out the window as your knowledge grows and your opinion changes.

Cannabis has changed and evolved immensely over the years. While it may not be widely accepted in every part of the world, it certainly has become a culture of its own. From being an unknown drug to an international substance that's on everyone's mind. The consumption of cannabis has become more about the individual and what they seek to gain from it than simply being the drug that gets you high. The stereotype surrounding cannabis has wholly evolved to

that of "what kind of personal experience am I looking to gain from this"? The experiences range from health benefits and adult recreation to exploration of artistic appreciation and relaxation.

For those on the newer side of experimenting with cannabis, it's safe to wonder where to even begin? What should you purchase, THC or CBD? What strength or type should you try? Anyone can do a quick google search and feel overwhelmed by the sea of articles that come flooding your way. So then, what is the best approach to finding out what you should try? With any new experience, it's best to seek guidance from an expert, and cannabis has just that. Let me introduce the budtender.

You read that correctly - budtender. When you decide to take that leap into cannabis consumption and step foot into a dispensary, it does not compare to any other store you've been to before. The research and reading have prepared you for this moment, but one of the most significant impacts is having someone with the knowledge and expertise that comes from a budtender. These folks are equipped in the best way possible to help you, the consumer, make the best selection for the experience you're looking to have. Budtenders are knowledgeable and well-versed in cannabis products. Don't be afraid to ask them for help or guidance as you explore what product will be suitable for your experience.

The world of cannabis and everything that encompasses it is vast and constantly growing. This article serves up a small, digestible portion of cannabis that allows one to begin understanding this incredible world that has something to offer everyone.

Whether you're consuming THC or CBD for recreational purposes or potential medical benefits, one must know the pros and cons before using a substance in any form. In no way is cannabis a be-all cure-all drug; however, it's not the dangerous stigma many have labeled it to be. Cannabis has many promising benefits for one's mind and body. We must do thorough research to know the potential benefits and drawbacks of anything we put into our bodies. As long as you're engaging in the responsible use, conducting the necessary research, and allowing yourself time to understand this complex plant, enjoy the journey you have begun to expand your knowledge of cannabis!