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Pot brownies

Pot brownies are a popular option when it comes to getting a fun high—and for good reason! They taste great, give you the edible experience right at home, and typically provide a high in 30 minutes or less.

They’re also perfect for parties and date nights, and, depending on the dosage and THC levels, the high can last anywhere from 2 hours to 10 hours! (Leaf Nation provides a helpful dosage guide for making successful pot brownies.)

We’ve rounded up a list of five pot brownie recipes — from simple to rich and complex, you’ll find the perfect brownie to satisfy your sweet tooth and desired high simultaneously!

Double Chocolate Weed Brownies

These extra chocolatey brownies from Food52 are made completely from scratch and use cannabutter to infuse pot into the ingredients. Because tightly wrapped cannabutter can last up to two weeks in a refrigerator and up to six months in a freezer, you can work ahead to speed up the process on brownie-baking day. These brownies are extra fudge-y and moist, taking over the normal cakey texture a brownie mix creation may possess. This recipe creates 16 brownies with precisely 1 gram of weed. This adds up to 8-10 milligrams of THC per brownie. If you want less potent brownies, you can use less cannabutter by mixing in more regular butter.

Brownies for days!

Weed Brownies with Brownie Mix

If you’re looking for a quicker, more simplified way to make pot brownies, this guide from Leaf Nation shows you how to infuse your cannabis in butter or oil and mix it with your favorite brownie mix. It also discusses how to properly dose brownies ahead of baking them. Most people report feeling a high within about 30 minutes of chowing down.

Homemade Cannabis Brownies

Emily Kyle nutrition brings a unique way to make pot brownies and helps guide bakers on creating a successful batch without overdosing the weed in the brownie mix or using too little to bring on the high. The method involves infusing the weed into sugar, oil, or butter a few days before you plan on making the brownies. The recipe also gives the option to use whole cannabis flowers or concentrate, which may alter the texture or taste of the brownies, but works great for making pot brownies as fast as possible. Ultimately, this homemade cannabis brownie recipe will have you enjoying just the right effects within 25 minutes!

Salted Caramel Fudge Brownies

Adventurous and experienced pot brownie bakers, this one’s for you: The recipe adds salted caramel and fudge—which covers up the taste of THC (maybe a little too well!). The mixture of brown sugar, maple syrup, dark chocolate, and fudge, plus the caramel-y finish, will likely leave you wanting more! The recipe yields 12 brownies and is completed in just three steps.

This list of recipes shows that there are a whole host of ways to infuse cannabis into brownies to make decadent, tasty treats. Plus, you can even add more sugary delight by topping them with chocolate chips, fudge, or ice cream. Happy baking!

Brownies for days!