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How To Apply for a Medical Card

Step One

Step One

Step One : Request Application

Option 1: Online

Apply at the Nevada Medical Cannabis Program's website and instantly download your application. Save yourself days or even weeks of waiting for the mail.

Option 2: Mail

Download the Nevada Medical Cannabis Registry Application Request form. Print it, fill it out completely and mail it to the included address along with the $25 fee.

What You'll Need


Valid State of Nevada Identification (driver’s license or ID card)

What You Get

An application packet consisting of:

Application page

Physician’s Statement

Waiver & Acknowledgement

Caregiver Application (if needed)

Minor Release Form (if needed)

Step Two

Step Two

Step 2: Find a Doctor

After you have filled out the application and obtained your medical history, visit a doctor. A Nevada licensed Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) can complete the Physician’s Statement of your application.

What You Need

Nevada Medical Cannabis Program Application Packet

Medical History (if visiting a new doctor)

Step Three

Step Three

Step 3 : Make it Official

The final step to complete your application is signing it in the presence of a notary.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, your application must be sent to the NDPBH for review and approval. The NDPBH will verify completeness, ensure information is accurate, and do a criminal background check.

What You Need


Completed Nevada Medical Cannabis Program Application Packet

How To Do It

Option 1: Online

The completed packet can be scanned and uploaded directly to the Nevada Medical Cannabis Program's website. If you have used the site to download your application packet, then you already have an account. This is the fastest way to get approval, sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

Option 2: Walk-In

If you live in the Carson City area, you have the option of walking the completed application directly to the offices of the NDPBH. The address is included on the application packet. Make sure to bring the $75 registration fee.

Option 3: Mail

If you do not live in the Carson City area, mail the completed application to the included address along with the $75 fee.

When your application is approved by the NDPBH, you’ll receive a temporary approval letter. This approval letter can be used for 30 days at Sierra Wellness as a valid medical cannabis card while your official card is mailed to you.

How To Get The Letter

If you used the online process, your approval letter will be available to download directly from the Nevada Medical Cannabis Program's website. If you did not, you will receive it in the mail.

Once you have your approval letter, come visit us at one of our two dispensaries. Or you can place your order over the phone by calling 775-800-WELL. Our team is ready to help you find exactly what you need.

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