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Experience Flower

You are ready to experiment with cannabis and take a stab at smoking it. Before lighting anything up, though, let's discuss what you can smoke and how you can smoke it.

You can't have a discussion about smoking cannabis without bringing up flower. What exactly is flower, and how does it relate to smoking cannabis? When we talk about flower, it references the smokable trichome-enriched part of the cannabis plant. When you are face to face with cannabis flower, there are various physical factors that will clue you in on the quality.

High-quality flower gives off a strong yet aromatic scent. This scent is due to the coating of the trichome. You may encounter fragrances such as sweet, citrus, or skunk. While you're browsing your options in a dispensary, take notice of not just the aromas but also how the flower appears. Superior cannabis flower rich with trichomes is a sight of beauty and like nothing you've ever seen. It has a twinkling sparkle with bright and colorful pink, blue, purple, and orange hues. If a scent or color strikes you as exciting and raises any questions, don't forget your budtender is there, ready to answer any questions, especially about strength and potency.

Exploring flower

You've set your sights on which flower to buy, but now how do you smoke it? One of the rather impressive parts of exploring the world of cannabis is all the fun accessories that go along with it.

Any good dispensary is stocked with all the tools necessary for you to have the adventure you want to have.

Exploring flower

You have the standard lighter, and you'll want to opt for a disposable full-size one. Depending on the dispensary, most have pretty stylish designs fit for anyone's personality.

The grinder is your best friend when you're looking to turn bud into shake. We'll cover it in more depth in a later article, but shake is what you would roll into papers to create pre-rolls for context. You'll want a good-quality grinder that will carefully and meticulously grate the bud and not take away from the exceptional product you paid for. Plus, it's much cleaner to use a grinder to break up the bud pieces, which can also be done with your fingertips, but who needs that mess.

After grinding up your bud, you may be thinking about what to do with the leftover shake you've made. While it may be easy to seal it in a bag or the container it came in, there is a better way. Invest in an airtight glass jar! Utilizing an airtight glass jar has many benefits to preserving the

longevity of your flower, bud, and shake. Remember to keep all your strains and types separated and avoid nixing them up. No one likes dried-out buds, so do your future self a favor and make sure your goods are sealed!

We just covered one way to enjoy and consume cannabis and a few essential accessories that make a difference, but there are many more. Regardless of how you choose to experience cannabis or why it's necessary to understand what it is. This knowledge will enhance that experience!