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Dispensary Shopping 101

Walking into a dispensary comes with an array of emotions, from timid to excited and everything in between. With an insane and overwhelming amount of options to choose from, having an expert readily available makes a difference. Your go-to expert within a dispensary shopping experience will be the budtender. And while it's wise to utilize a budtenders expertise, it can't hurt to have an idea of what you want to try beforehand.

Before jumping into dispensary shopping, let's look at some tips to consider when choosing a dispensary.

Like any place you're considering purchasing goods or being a consumer, it has become increasingly easier to look a dispensary up and view ratings and reviews. With its fast growth, understanding, and popularity, anyone can fire up a Google search and not only find the closest dispensary in the area but see what others are saying about it. A particularly unique thing about cannabis and dispensaries is that there are specific apps and websites you can use to help narrow down your search even more. Websites like Leafly and Weedmaps are just two sources that help you narrow down things like what strains are available at different locations and more.

Dispensary Research

Whether you decide to go to the closest dispensary to your home or the highest-rated one in a 50-mile radius, research and some digging are needed to ensure you select a dispensary that will help you get the experience you're looking to have.

You've done extensive research on which dispensary you'll try out, and now you are ready to make some decisions! Don't forget to bring a valid ID, or you won't get very far. It may also be an intimidating experience for a newer person but remember to relax and get help from the budtender.

So what are the different forms of cannabis you can expect to find at a dispensary, and what makes each of them unique?

One of the most popular and well-known ways to consume cannabis is through inhalation, but it doesn't stop there. There are a few ways and methods to inhale cannabis. Two main and traditional inhalation methods are smoking and vaping. This approach offers a multitude of strain and potency options. This form is especially good if you're looking to feel the effects relatively fast. Like anything else, you will encounter at a dispensary, ask your budtender for cannabis specifics before making that purchase.

Next up on our list are edibles. Not only do these come in various strains and potencies, but they are also consumable in practically any form imaginable. Since THC or CBC in edibles takes a different journey through the body than inhalation, the results and timing are not the same. You won't feel the effects right away as it takes time for your body to digest the cannabis and be absorbed. Since the cannabis is being digested, once the effects kick in, they last much longer than if they were inhaled.

Dispensary Research

What if you are not interested in smoking or vaping and perhaps have some digestive concerns that prevent you from exploring edibles? I'm happy to confirm they are options for you - they are sublinguals. This mode of cannabis transportation comes in many forms like oils, breath spray, tinctures, hard candy, and more. Because of the method sublinguals enter the body in, effects are felt within twenty minutes. They are also highly effective if you want to experience these results fast or you need fast-acting pain relief.

Transdermal application is cannabis using your skin to enter the bloodstream. Like that of a nicotine patch, these transdermal patches are placed on the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

Lastly, on our cannabis consumption list is the topical approach. This can be applied by using oils, creams, and lotions infused with cannabis. This method also is applied to the skin but is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Those looking for pain or inflammation relief can find great success with the topical approach.

While we uncovered many forms cannabis can be consumed in, remember to do your dispensary research, and when in doubt, ask your budtender.