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Accessorizing your cannabis journey

When you think of cannabis accessories, what comes to your mind? Maybe a lighter, possibly rolling papers, and of course the cannabis. Like we shared in a previous article, there are many accessories one can explore when venturing into the world of cannabis. Depending on how you plan to enjoy it will help determine what accessories you'll be looking to purchase.

If you plan on smoking cannabis, you'll need just a few items to heat things up! As mentioned earlier, we can all agree a lighter is essential in the beginning phase of lighting up. We recommend a disposable lighter, which can be customizable depending on which dispensary you frequent. Along with your lighter, if you plan on crushing up the flower yourself, you'll need a few other critical components.

While you certainly can grind up the flower bud by hand, you don't want to deal with the mess that comes after; not to mention there's a much cleaner way to go about this that will only enhance your experience. What you need is a grinder. This item comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, and features, similar to the lighter. If you're looking to avoid a mess on your hands, you'll want to invest in a grinder. A grinder can carefully shred your flower bud into fine smokeable fragments, ready for you to enjoy it in multiple ways.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are not new to the cannabis game. Once your flower buds are finely ground up, they can be placed and rolled in rolling papers. These are particularly unique because of how versatile they are. You can get empty cones, making this simple process even easier.

The only step after opening them up is stuffing them with your shake. If you're looking for something a bit more challenging, then purchasing rolling papers may be just that. And what's interesting about these is that you can even get them in different flavors.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are excellent, but they aren't for everyone. That is where a pipe comes in handy; no pun intended! There are an insane amount of sleek designs to choose from, and the best part is that this comes in an array of colors. One of the many perks of having a pipe is its compactness, making your smoke session even more effortless.

With the many accessories, you'll begin to collect in your arsenal of cannabis entertainment, an ashtray should have an honorable mention. While this simple addition to your cannabis journey may not be as flashy as those mentioned above, it should not be overlooked. This simple add-on will allow you to enjoy your cannabis while minimizing the mess.

While accessory shopping can be a whole experience on its own, don't get too overwhelmed with the possibilities. Some accessories are 100% needed to lay the foundation of your experience. And when in doubt, ask your neighborhood budtender! Like everything else you'll encounter on this journey, take your time to find what you want. It's ok to have some trial and error in this delicate process, what's most important is that you do what's right for your mind, body and health.